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Hi guys,
I will try to keep it simple. Modern South Asian studies; places available 8 with 14 applicants applying each year. Requirement according to Oxford Uni is predicted first or Upper Second (ie top third). Now let's move on to where do I stand. I am in my final year with an average of 66 in IR; enormous chances of pulling it to first, but will they ( academics in Oxford) select me. I have nice personal statement and I am also trying to convince my adviser to predict me First, which will be difficult but not impossible. share your thoughts and please be bold and strict.
I will only be applying to Oxford for Masters.
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I would apply elsewhere as well. Applying to Oxford only, even for a postgrad course, is a risky strategy, especially since your current average is under their standard benchmark of 67 minimum.

Almost everyone applying will be predicted a good First.
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It's true that you can get in meeting only the minimum requirement, but you'll need to do well in the interview, with your work sample, with your references, with your statement, and with anything else that'll be taken into account. If you're confident that you'll be getting a first, you should state that your expected result is a first. They likely won't really consider your actual current result unless it's a big difference, but the condition will be to have a first.

Regarding academic requirements specifically: Being 'just' a master's doesn't mean that everybody going into it is going to have weak(er) qualifications. In my taught master's course at Oxford, at least 5% of my coursemates has already got a PhD, and at least 24% of them with a master's degree already (even one from Cambridge). One of them, as far as I know, has been teaching at Oxford; and one of the course's lecturers also told me that in the past there was a professor enrolling into the course.

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