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History (WWII) help!

I'm currently writing an EPQ of the title 'To what extent was WWII a consequence of WWI', and at the moment I'm investigating the effect of the alliance between fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.
I have found plenty of information on what the Pact of Steel meant and the relationship between Hitler and Mussolini, but I can't seem to find anything on how Britain, France etc. reacted to it?
If anyone can help, or point me in the right direction that'd be great! Thanks!
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I think you are barking up the wrong tree. The inter-war alliances did not cause WWII.

One view is that Germany had a pro-war & conquest of Europe policy since the 1800s and The Great War and WWII were consequences of that. Meaning WWI did not cause WWII.

Another view is that the financial reparations put on Germany at the end of The Great War caused WWII, but that does not really stack up. Although it is widely held and assumed to be the case, Germany did not need to annex the Sudetenland or invade Poland to get the reparations lifted.

A non-national view is that there was social change occurring across Europe from the mid-1880s whereby more control was moving to the masses. This caused the creation of new or revised governmental models such as communism and fascism plus ways to achieve them through social revolution. It can be argued WWII was started as the only way to prop up the imploding fascist state in Germany in the late 1930s.
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I read an interesting analysis once of German society. The shouting, screaming, abusive demeanor put on by Hitler in many of his speeches closely emulated the behavior of the 'paterfamilia' in the average lower class/lower middle class family in Germany in the 1930s. This is where nearly all the support for Hitler came from. In those days, the head of the family was the father, and his word was LAW!! Outsiders, {the British, the French, the yanks}, just 'didn't "GET" it.!! I read an appreciation written in 1936, by a well respected political analyst, that stated: "In just a few years time, everyone will ask: "Adolf WHO???" He, and his supporters will melt away like the spring snows in the summer rain." Hitler managed to put together a 'persona' that resonated with his supporter's family structure, and earned him their undying support. Outsiders read him as a 'buffoon' or 'rabble rouser', but then - they were NOT his supporters, and were not called upon to charge machine guns for him. If you look through textbooks on psychology (graduate level) you can find some interesting 'work-ups' on this.

A similar "misread" has taken place in the near east. Western politicians have been entranced with building a 'democracy' there. The problem is that the dominant factor in the near east is the tribe!! The entire area is made up of hundreds of little valleys, each inhabited by a separate tribe. If you're from this valley, you're ok. If you're from the next valley, we'll tolerate you. Any further away, we don't trust you at all. Whether or not i respect you and obey your orders [if we are both in the military], depends upon what tribe you are from and i am from. I lived there for three years, and i saw this every day. Germans had a touch of this during WW2, but nothing like today in the near east. Cheers.

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