What Are the Extra Costs of Studying in the UK? Watch

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I want to try and get am estimation for total cost for going to a UK school (currently in the process of doing the UCAS application, but considering options in the US and cost is a big factor). It seems like tuition is about $30,000, and then cost of living is maybe $12000. But what have you found to be the total cost? Are there hidden extra costs, like for visa or travel or something?

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Ed Phelan
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I believe a Visa to study in the UK is around £300 but check the government site to be sure - https://www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immi.../student-visas

The rest depends on what you think is covered by cost of living... You have to pay rent which (depending on where you study) can be up to around £600 a month. If you are not in halls then will you have a furnished house or un-furnished? There are sites such as www.gumtree.com and www.freecycle.org that you can get second hand furniture quite cheap, I mean a sofa could go for about £20 minimum but you have to search quite hard for the right one, depends how fussy you are! For more reliable and high quality furniture you could try student furniture packages like the one Roomservice by CORT offer - http://www.roomservicebycort.com/ten...iture-packages - which are pretty cheap considering you get all your furniture for that - great for when you move out if you move back home.

Then there are bills, but these vary a lot depending on house and preferences too. Gas & electricity can be up to around £300 a month but split between everyone living there, or you can pay quarterly. Then there is a TV license if you watch tv, water and internet.

There is also food costs - you can do a good shop for around £10-20 a week if you're careful. If you are drinking on top of that that's where it gets quite expensive! Depending on how much you drink you can spend around £50 a week on alcohol, I always brought mine from supermarkets and drank before I went out to save money. Or student unions do good drinks deals usually.

Other things such as gyms, exercise, clubs, clothes other things can add up but you can budget to accommodate these depending on which ones are most important to you. You can always buy a bike or walk to save money on travel where possible.

I would say living costs, depending on where you live and how careful you are can be kept to around £80-100 a week if you're careful. maybe budget for that and work out the cost...

Best of luck!


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