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Personal Skills Award...

is anyone else thinking of doing this? if so do you know what we have to do? do we have to sign up now? or wait till we get there? :smile:
Im gonna do it, might as well - think u wait til u get there - if u go on ur birm email thingy, theres info on the homepage about it
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Dont worry about it until you get there, there are stands all over the freshers fairs about it. You will need your personal tutor to sign a form to allow you to do it (as its extra credits on top of your normal degree). Make sure you find out early on who your tutor is, as I didnt get assigned one until after the registration deadline last year.
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I'm going to do it, i've had a quick look at the modules and they look kinda useful - if they looked pants I wouldnt have gone for it! i looked at the form you have to fill in and all you have to do is list your degree and get your personal tutor person to sign it!
sounds like it will be useful, especially since its something different and extra rather than compulsory.
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Not trying to sound like a complete idiot, but, what is the personal skills award?
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its like this extra thing that Birmingham Uni promotes. you do extra credits outside of your degree in things such as personal skills, organisation and general things that you most likely will need after university. after you've reached the total credits, you get the award! and I think you get 2 years to do it, which is really useful incase you feel a bit too pressured in your first year. is the link, incase I didnt make any sense!!!
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im definitely looking into it. Obviously i'll have a word with my tutor once i get there, but it looks really good :biggrin:
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i know, i'm hoping to do it, after I've worked out how much work I'm gonna have to do!!! Sounds ok though, something else to add to my qualifications - as long as it doesnt cut into drinking time too much!
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says it takes place on wednessday evenings though :s-smilie:.. i wonder if i could do it all i nthe second year? dont really want to miss out on all the sportssoc and genral soc meets that take place on the wed evening off.