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Eden's Court: is it ****?

I just found out that I've been allocated accommodation in Eden's Court, which is a bit of a bummer as it's off campus and a "designated quiet area". Is there any kind of silver lining?
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I've been allocated in Edens Court too and share your concerns! In no way will i survive this yr in a quiet, god forsaken corner of the campus!! I'm probably being slightly dramatic here hehe.. but i surely hope someone has some good news about Edens Court!! anyone?
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Like anywhere else, it'll be good if you get on with people you're living with, it won't be so good if you don't.
I just came across this forum , luckily people there say that it's nice!
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Quiet area? OWCH.
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I know people who lived in Eden's and werent very quiet, i think its designated a quiet area because its a distance away from noisy bars when events are on.
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Edens court last year certainly wasn't a "quiet" area - its not a bad place to live, its basically in halifax, but straight over the road, so only a 5 minute walk to campus rather than a 10, theres also 8 houses of 12 people in each, I think, so its not like there hardly anyone there. As Tonight Matthew says, it all depends on who you live with, you can live in Goodricke/Derwent/Langwith and still have a **** time if you don't like the people you live with.
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I was in Edens last year and it was absolutely ace. It's as loud/quiet as the people you're with make it! Overall I thought it was a great place to spend my first yr.

There are 8 houses each with 10 people and 2 other cottages (I never been in them so dunno much about them...) Rooms are all a pretty decent size and kitchens were all new proper kitchens last yr.

In between the blocks of houses there is a big area of grass, lots of time spent out there with footy/rugby balls (ignore the no ball game signs....) frisbee, cricket, snowball fights, bbqs, paddling pools and many many other random events.

Doing physics I could get to lectures in about 4min (at a push) and derwent bar is about 3min away, so its hardly off campus at all!
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Tonight Matthew
Like anywhere else, it'll be good if you get on with people you're living with, it won't be so good if you don't.

This is the truth. Really, most of the threads on this topic are pointless.
I haven't lived in Eden's Court, but when I was thinking of moving back into Uni acommodation after my second year Eden's Court was my first choice. I didn't get it. Sad in one way, but in another way I ended up living in a house for the next two years and made some great mates out of the people I ended up sharing with.