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I'm in Sinclair House...

I wanted to be in Manor Hall!! :frown: Never mind...I spose it's cheaper. Anyone else know if they're in Sinclair yet? Anyone know what it's like? eeeek!
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hey-i'm in sinclair house 2, gutted i thought i was only for overseas students and 2/3 years, oh well. What flat are you in?
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University of Bristol
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I'm in flat 12 room 2, you? I thaught it was for second, third and overseas too! Wierd...Hope theres enough freshers to have a good ol' party though...if not we'll just have to head to the main hall!
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yep, i'm in sinclair too. They are flats with 5 people to each flat, mixed sex i think although not sure. The rooms and bathrooms are meant to be much smaller compared to the main building:mad: however, on the plus side there are only 5 people to a bathroom and kitchen rather than the would be 18!

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manor hall
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Everyone who I knew in Sinclair last year seemed to think it was pretty cool, I wouldn't worry guys :smile:
Yeah in many ways Sinclair is better than Manor... just don't be too isolated from the Manor lot..
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im in sinclair :smile:
i was gutted when i first found out, but it should be a laugh, make my own mischeif. im in flat 11 ... is it mixed-sex flats? :confused:
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Woo! I'm in flat 12!
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Im in flat 11 too - yey a flatmate!! 'Sissy' ive sent you a private message with my e-mail, would be great to chat before we go! im sure we will all make sinclair the place to be :smile: Em xxx