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I'm a prospective international student from the US wanting to study Urban Design at the University of Westminster [postgraduate level]. I've been trying for weeks, or months rather to get in contact with the Urban Design MA course leader at Westminster to learn more about the specifics of the program (module structure, format, expectations of students) but he hasn't gotten back to me since this past January. I've tried sending notes to other Architecture and Built Environment faculty but so far they've all refereed me back to UD course leader. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just apply to the course and learn about the program later if I am accepted.

Would anyone happen know anything about the Urban Design courses at Westminster?

Currently, I am working toward a Masters in Landscape Architecture at a university in the US. With my final year approaching, I am required by my department to complete an international design studio and self directed final project in order to graduate. Students in our program usually attend our College of Design's Ghana or Prague Institute to help facilitate the international requirement. Because I can never seem to 'play by the book' so to speak, I decided that I'd rather forgo having the same experience as my peers and pursue a second degree in Urban Design in London (possibly at the University of Westminster). When I return home to the states, I would graduate from my department with something of a dual degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.

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