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    well said my friend couldnt agree more

    (Original post by calumc)
    Hmm, this reminds me of a Maddox article:

    More of a 'rant' than an article, I'd say.

    Well I don't think that you are ever going to find a girl who says I wish that men would hit me all the time. I don't think that there is anything particually hypocrytical about the things you listed

    (Original post by lessthanthree)
    some girls are hypocrites when it comes to this. I'm one of them in some respects; I'd like equal rights as far as wages and voting goes, but I'd rather not be hit, and I'd like some doors opened for me. I'm more than willing to admit that men are better than women at some things, just as women generally outstrip men in some areas of life.
    I don't see how that makes you hypocritical. It just means you're not a masochist.

    Studies have shown that men have a tendency to 'outstrip' men in areas of life that require good spatial awareness and women outstrip men in areas of life that require good verbal communication skills. I'm afraid, according to every psychometric test I am quite the 'stereotypical girlie'. But there are, of course exceptions. Why, you yourself must be one of them. Your ambition is to be a vet, if my memory serves me correctly, and that profession demands exceptional spatial awareness and manual dexterity.

    However, there are tonnes of girls who deserve a good kick in the face. [and most of them are raving feminazis] Have at it.

    I can't stand uber-feminists.
    'Have at it'? Sorry, I don't understand.

    Kicked in the face by whom? By you? Perhaps you could find a kick-boxing class populated by these 'feminazis'. (Do you have a definition of a 'feminazi' as opposed to a mere 'feminist'?)

    I am unusual in that most of my close friends are men. I do have close female friends but the duplicity & *****iness irritates me. (I know - unfounded generalisation based upon personal experience).

    (Original post by lessthanthree)
    I basically meant that I want the good equality but not the bad equality that a lot of feminazis seem to be striving for; some get offended when men open doors, because they believe men do it because they believe women to be in need of intervention
    Well, that seems like an odd way to behave. Opening doors for others is a matter of common courtesy, nothing whatsoever to do with gender equality.

    And wouldn't you deeply resent if you were denied the right to pursue your ambitions just because they Powers that Be believe 'Anatomy is Destiny'.

    [I can understand why males are frustrated by women who bang on for equality, and then go "OMFG you hit a girl".
    I don't see the connection. I advocate equality of opportunity (for both genders) and recognise that this might not necessarily lead to equality of outcome and I have said (in so many words - I was in primary school at the time): 'OMFG you hit a girl'. The 'girl' in question was my mother.

    I don't think men should hit girls, but I'm not the one striving for COMPLETE equality, like the girls i refer to above (:

    Yes. It's like feminist to the max. I think of feminists of people who want equal rights; feminazis are freakish bra burning, hairy types who hate men and think they're for equality, but secretly believe themselves to be better.
    Such people should be described as 'extreme feminists', 'female supremacists', or even 'female separatists.' rather than mere 'feminists'.

    Feminism is a broad church.
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