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so my teacher only gave our class a week to do or practical and i have a had NO TIME because i am currently doing 5 A levels.
my practical is on smokers/non smokers in group out group questionnaire etc. and we were given a book let that say all the things we need to mention and one of them was "variables(IV/DV) including operationalisation" dose anyone now what this means, I'm not sure what to write, i could really use your help! this is due tomorrow x
Humaira Ali
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• Independent variable (IV): Variable the experimenter manipulates (i.e. changes) – assumed to have a direct effect on the dependent variable.

• Dependent variable (DV): Variable the experimenter measures, after making changes to the IV that are assumed to affect the DV.

For example, we might change the type of information (e.g. organised or random) given to participants to see what affect this might have on the amount of information remembered.

In this particular example the type of information is the independent variable (because it changes) and the amount of information remembered is the dependent variable (because this is being measured).

Operationalising Variables
It is very important in psychological research to clearly define what you mean by both your IV and DV.

Operational variables (or operationalising definitions) refers to how you will define and measure a specific variable as it is used in your study.

For example, if we are concerned with the effect of media violence on aggression then we need to be very clear what we mean by the different terms. In this case, we must state what we mean by the terms “media violence” and “aggression” as we will study them.

Therefore, you could state that “media violence” is operationally defined (in your experiment) as ‘exposure to a 15 minute film showing scenes of physical assault’; “aggression” is operationally defined as ‘levels of electrical shocks administered to a second ‘participant’ in another room’.

In another example, the hypothesis “Young participants will have significantly better memories than old participants” is not operationalised. How do we define

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