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Dell laptop offer through oxford university


Just wondering if there is anyone here that has gone for this offer? The price is £750 (split over nine terms) but the laptop (plus software and accessories) is actually worth £1300. So it's a good price, definately, but the reason that the actual worth is so high is because it's advertised on the dell site as being designed for "small businesses" as opposed to "home use". There are quite a few advantages to buying it - free technical help, DVD included, all oxford-related programs/software included, etc. I'm thinking of going for it, does anyone have any advice?

ALso, how secure is a laptop in Oxford? Are they stolen often?

Any advice appreciated.

Raman x
£750 seems quite a lot. I got a Dell laptop for £410 which has a DVD burner, 80GB memory, 4:30 hour battery life, and does everything I want it to do. I'd advise you to look around, although the one in the deal may be better for playing games etc.
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Where do i go to find out about this offer? Is it paid weekly monthly etc?
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That seems a a bit dear to me. I have a Dell, with widescreen, wireless, DVD rewriter, 80GB and software, for about £350 (although it was about 8 months old when I bought it). I think there are better deals out there.
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to postcript: i had a letter about it in my wlecome pack from my college - maybe its specific to my college (im at st annes)? but its paid in nine termly installments of £80 each plus one off payment of £30 at some point.
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Where have you guys been to get such a beneficial offer, a dell computer about 300 to 400 pounds? I'm really interested in this low priced offer.
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dell routinely sells laptop computer for 499 US =275 pounds on shipped to USA though.I bought one few months back Inspiron 1300 shipped to my relative in the US.