How to enter Mathematics/Further Mathematics modules into UCAS?

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I'm currently in the process of applying to UCAS and I need to enter the grades for my qualifications.

From what I understand, my school makes further maths students sit 13 modules (whilst we only need 12). We sit AS and A2 normal maths in the first year (6 modules, C1, C2, C3, C4, D1, D2). In the second year, we do AS further maths and A2 further maths (6 modules + another, FP1, FP2, FP3, S1, S2, M1, M2). This is all Edexcel, by the way.

At the end of the two years, modules are moved around and allocated to maths/further maths to give us the best possible combination of grades. The worst module is dropped, as we don't need a thirteenth. I've already sat the first 6 modules for AS maths and A2 maths, but I'm also resitting 3 of them this year.

UCAS lays it out so I can add 6 module grades for maths and 6 module grades for further maths. Do I confirm the grades that I've already got? Where do I put each module? Where in the world does the thirteenth module go?

Thank you!
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Enter your Maths A-level with the six modules you've already got. Add in your Maths A-level again with the three modules you're resitting, and give the result as pending.

I would contact UCAS for advise concerning your Further Maths qualification. I believe the best course of action would be to not declare module grades, as you don't need to.

What course will you be applying for? If it's Maths, then perhaps email the universities you're applying to explaining the situation, or they may contact you and ask for module information.

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