Anxiety causing Insomnia

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Pretty much on the saturday before i went into year 9 i stayed up too late and woke up about 12 pm on the Sunday. So on Sunday i coudn't sleep which was to be expected, so i just went online and thought to my self i will be tired enough to sleep in a few hours. But i never could sleep and ended up having my first ver panic attack ( i think ). So i went to my first day of year 9 with around about 30 mins sleep. When i went home my mom gave me some Benadryl and i slept fine for about a week. But it came back. And since then it has been on and off. I have come close to stopping it for good , but it finds a way to creep back into my mind. I'm almost certain it is being cause by my anxiety about having to go to sleep to do well in school next day. Usually on weekends i sleep fine as im not worrying about the next day. Like on fridays and saturdays my mind is relaxed and drift straight off to sleep but on most weekdays i go to bed feeling anxious. Emphasis on the 'most' because sometimes i will sleep badly for the first two days then sleep well for the rest of the week. I have managed to control my insomnia to some extent, if i experienced insomnia before i would get to sleep at like 2am but now its usually around 11:30pm. But i just want to put an end to it for good and not have to ever worry about sleep like before. I can admit that i do catastrophize and this whole situation could have been avoided by not catastrophizing. Even on days when i did get an adequate amount of sleep i sometimes show symptoms of depression including irritability and persistent feelings of emptiness. I don;t think i have an anxiety disorder i just think its because i'm in year 9 and have a lot more pressure on me to do well. Did anyone else go through episodes of insomnia when they were 13 ?. I just don't want this to become a permanent thing as it would throw all of my ambitions to become a radiologist out the window. Luckily the October half term is in a week which should hopefully give me time to de stress and get rid of this horrible insomnia. Please comment.
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I've had insomnia in varying degrees since childhood.

Have you spoken to your mum about how you're feeling? Is there anyone you can talk to at school?

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