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Hi, I am re-doing my English iGCSE as I got a D last year, my teacher went through some things that should be changed in my work last week. I have changed things but as I only have English once a week (In college), I doubt my teacher will have time to go through my work with me again before half term, so I am asking you lovely people for help.

The only instruction for the essay was "Write something you feel strongly about" and it must be between 500 and 800 words with a 10% +/-.

What if music was to blame?

Music is an incredibly powerful tool; it has the power to influence us by changing how we feel, who we socialise with and even how we act.

It’s been said for years that violent films and video games are responsible for an increase in youth and ‘gang’ crime. So why has nobody looked into how music affects people? How many times a day do you see teenagers with rap music blasting from their beloved headphones, walking around like they have problems with the world?

When you start to analyse the hateful lyrics wrapped around a catchy beat and a clever intro, you can begin to understand why people become so angry as a result of rap music. Spotty teenagers and ‘adults’ using music to escape from daily responsibilities, in favour of living a second childhood talking about ‘f***ing *****es’ and ‘smoking green’. Does this not reflect the society we live in even slightly?

It’s not just rap music though, the way the music industry sexualises females is equally repelling. One of Rihanna’s more recent songs aptly named ‘Rude Boy’ for example includes the lyrics “Come here, Rude Boy-Boy, can you get it up? Come here, Rude Boy-Boy, is you big enough?” This song made number one in the charts and was listened to by almost everyone, even children. The sexualisation of female singers is prevalent. Scarily, even children’s clothes are becoming more revealing to keep up with the latest ‘fashion’ demands and TV adverts are always showing girls flaunting their bodies.

We subject young impressionable minds to this sort of music daily and when twelve year olds are layering makeup and pouting in their Facebook photos craving attention, we question why. It’s not because of the parents. It’s because the media. Young people look up to these semi-naked airbrushed singers and idolise them in every way possible.

As a society, we become numb to this sort of poisonous objectification, despite the bitter fact sexualisation has been linked to low self-esteem, eating disorders and depression. A person’s value is not based on how they look, although this is hard to believe when you see shops boasting about their wide range of ‘sexy school girl’ Halloween outfits.

It is nauseating to see how TV shows like X-Factor and Brittan’s Got Talent thrive on the promiscuous nature of the music industry, weather this is through flirtatious lyrics or revealing clothes. Young children watch these shows dreaming to one day go on stage and be like the creations they see and idolise. What they don’t see is that the singer’s value only comes from their sexual behaviour. They are being objectified regardless of how the facts are twisted. They are being made into a thing for others’ rather than being a person with the capacity for independent action and decision making.

Even if you go back 10 years, you didn’t have semi-naked singers showing their body to anybody with internet and angry rappers idolised by almost every teenage boy. You didn’t have kids with iPods and laptops being able to watch and listen to this poison. The only music we had was on strictly regulated CDs and radio shows and the only thing the media made us want to become was Power Rangers.
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