Aerospace university requirement : HELP!

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Hi !
I live in London from one year and i would like to go in aerospace university but i have to take every requirements that this faculty cause i come from Italy and requirement to entry is different : and also i don t understand very well difference from different type of level and qualification :

so the requirement is :

Points: 280
Units: three A-levels or equivalent


  • A-levels: Mathematics and at least one science-based subject required. General Studies not accepted
  • BTEC National: Extended Diploma or Diploma (depending on grades) in Engineering or related subject.

Plus GCSE (A–C): five subjects including English Language and Mathematics.

My questions is ::confused: :confused: :confused:
1) what mean when ask that requires three a-level ?(which thing corresponding?)
2) Ask a level mathematics and BTEC national : but if i have btec national i do not have arleady a-mathematics ? there are two separate qualification ?
3)i have arleady understand about btec , i don t understand as well about gcse cause in ed-excel website i find many type and don t understand wich corresponing at gcse requires : and also ask for five subjects but specify only for english and mathematics so the other 3 can i choose by myself ? when is write a-c mean second level? Because ever in ed excel website i find only gcse 9-1 , is this?

Someone can ask why i would like to go in aerospace if i don t understand this thing but i only mess up for this little thing at the beginning but i study very hard

So if someone can clarify this thing , link where i can find , where can i apply for exam and take this qualification?There are , among the many proposed tests , soem that is better that i do ?:confused:

I would like specify that also i would like to take all this requirement in one year or less


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