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Shall I put it on the CAF?

Shall I quote the books I read on the additional personal statement? My teacher told me not to (he is unsure about it), he said only put y u like the college or subject. Then I asked him, so how do they know how much I read, he said he dunno. :confused:

I put books in my UCAS personal statement. I don't suppose it would matter if you put it on the CAF though - if you want them to know about it (they might ask you about them) then it seems as good a place as any. I think I put a little about why I loved the course and the college on my CAF. Good luck! :smile:
The books I read went in my personal statement and then they asked about them again in the Supplementary questionnaires...(don't know if all colleges/subject send these out). I think the box in the CAF is more about why you would be suited to Cambridge?
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Don't comment on your college choice, as you might get pooled. Something broad about Cambridge in relation to the course might be good though - that's what I'm doing.
Seconded - they don't need you to tell them how great you think their college is. They don't need any persuading... Give them more passion-for-subject type stuff.
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NB: If you don't write anything at all in that particular box, it will not harm your application in any way. :smile:
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