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hey every1..
i have to do this plan but i dont know what to include etc is anyone else doing it (the OCR AS plan)?>??? can they help me :confused:
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Skill P – Planning Total 8
Mark Descriptor
The candidate:
1 P.1a develops a question or problem in simple terms and plans a fair test or an
appropriate practical procedure, making a prediction where relevant.
P.1b chooses appropriate equipment.
3 P.3a develops a question or problem using scientific knowledge and understanding
drawn from more than one area of the specification; identifies the key factors to
vary, control or take account of.
P.3b decides on a suitable number and range of observations and/or measurements to
be made.
5 P.5a causes detailed scientific knowledge and understanding drawn from more than
one module of the specification and information from preliminary work or a
secondary source to plan an appropriate strategy, taking into account the need for
safe working and justifying any prediction made;
P.5b describes a strategy, including choice of equipment, which takes into account the
need to produce precise and reliable evidence; produces a clear account and uses
specialist vocabulary appropriately.
7 P.7a retrieves and evaluates information from a variety of sources, and uses it to
develop a strategy which is well structured, logical and linked coherently to
underlying scientific knowledge and understanding drawn from different parts of
the AS and A2 specification; uses spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately.
P.7b justifies the strategy developed, including the choice of equipment, in terms of the
need for precision and reliability.
The statements in bold represent additional requirements when assessing A2 work; they are not
to be used at AS.
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