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Is Neymar World class?

he's been the most hyped young player for quite a few years but at what point does it no longer become World Class potential and become simply World Class. He was Barca's most dangerous attacking player by a mile today in El Clasico and has 11 goals in the same amount of games this season and 9 in 8 in la liga, with 40 in 58 international games, surley he's now World Class.
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Ngl I really don't like him, but that's not the question

I wouldn't class him as world class yet. I think that term is incredinly overused. However he is definitely world class potential and none the less a very, very good player for Barca and Brazil
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Yes he is obviously.
Well going from his brazil performances from confederations onwards and his performances for Barca this season he is. Last season he was just weaning into the role.
I said all last year that he was adjusting to the new country, league, etc. Now he's banging them in just like he did at Santos and for Brazil.

Yes, he's world class.
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I watch a lot of Brazilian football and I was slightly worried Neymar would struggle in Europe. Fortunately, however, I was wrong and I think he is world class.

Nobody is denying he has talent, but so for example did Cristiano, & he didn't get the 'world class' label until he'd had outstanding seasons consecutively at the top level and Neymar has not done that yet. He is currently in the process of doing that for the first time this year. The test is now whether he can maintain this level for this season and push on into next. Then reassess.

For those who think he is, what in your opinion makes him world class? The goals?

He has 40 goals for Brazil from 58 matches, but 28 of those have come in friendlies. It's important to put some perspective into his stats tbh. The goals alone don't put him on the top level yet.

He is on the cusp at best but he has a lot more to do before he's a genuine top calibre player for me.
Original post by e aí rapaz
I said all last year that he was adjusting to the new country, league, etc. Now he's banging them in just like he did at Santos and for Brazil.

Yes, he's world class.

Yeah I remember this, it was the reason why I said Bale and Ronaldo were a currently better pairing than Neymar and Messi, right now I think that the pendulum is swinging.
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He's Messi's fluffer.
Na he isn't messis ridiculous playmaking has just been making him look better his link up plays regressed this season
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Ofcourse he is world class, he is performing incredibly well in his current role in a big team, and not to mention he featured heavily in the world cup as brazil's best player... He is defiently world class, but i don't think you are quite classing world class players as world class?

Personally, I feel if they can perform world all around the world / play for their national team and perform well or adequate their then they are ofcourse world class.

Neymar has done that.
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No. Not yet. He's bloody good, but not world class yet. He has potential, but from what I've seen it's the playmakers in the team making him look better.
I'd put him in the second tier of Players alongside the likes of Bale, Zlatan arguably Di Maria, Ribery and Neuer. Behind obviously CR7 and Messi.
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Not yet.
There are tiers, and he is second tier.

T1 - Messi, Ronaldo
T2 - Bale, Ibra, Neymar, Robben, Ribery, Suarez, Neuer, Courtois etc
T3 - Reus, Van Persie, Falcao, Di Maria, Cavani, Hazard etc
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24 goals this season convinced the rest yet? if he'd taken all the pens that Messi seems to miss half of he could have had over 30 already!
neymar Jr is one of my favorites players and is one of the best defenders of the world

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