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Hi there, my name is Ed. I am looking for a prank partner to do pranks for Youtube in London. Hopefully you also want to do pranks for Youtube in London which is why you clicked on this post.

I have a high quality DSLR camera, mic and all the editing skills and equipment ready to go.

I intend to go out filming every week (ideally sunday). I have filmed a few videos so far with some old prank partners and you can check out what I've got so far on my channel which is called Twattery. Below is one of my videos and the sort of thing i'll be doing:

The sorts of pranks I intend to do are super awkward social experiments like LAHWF and a bit of making scenes in public like Trollstation. I have a pretty huge list of prank ideas.

As prank partners, there are three options how we can work:

1. You simply join my channel and we take turns filming for each other.
2. You have your own channel. I have my own channel. We film for each other on the same day. This has the advantage of not needing to split Youtube revenue between the two of us but has the disadvantage of meaning that it will be a pretty intensive day when we go out filming as we'll have to spend the whole day filming two pranks. It definitely works though.
3. You simply be my cameraman. If you'd be happy simply to do this, that's fine. If you'd like to be my cameraman for a bit and then actually start doing the pranks to see how it goes that's also fine. I'm happy to be flexible about it.

About me:
I'm a nice, friendly, funny guy with a bit of time on my hands. I've been obsessed with pranks for a long time and have been wanting to run my own prank channel for a while. I live in North London.

About you:
Hopefully you will be a nice, friendly, funny guy as well. You need to have somewhat of an outgoing personality but the most important thing is that you need to be fearless. If this is you, then great. If this is not you but you feel this is what you would like to be then feel free to contact me anyway and I can help you out and ease you into it. I wouldn't expect anyone to be perfect at the beginning. What is absolutely essential is that you're able to go out one day every weekend. If you've got a wedding or your goldfish has died, it's ok to miss the odd weekend but consistency is really key. We'll probably be spending most of our time somewhere central but also other places less central like Camden.

I'm determined for this to be a success and I am confident that it will be if I find the right person who is committed. If you're interested and can guarantee your long term commitment, please send me a pm on here.

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Got to say, that video is pretty funny.

Hope you told them it was a joke afterwards

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