'Snapping' in lower abdomen - heavy lifting. Watch

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I lifted something heavy today (15kg), I used the correct procedure that I was taught (it was in the workplace) but as I got half way upwards with my legs I felt a 'snap' in my lower abdomen (after googling it might be classed as the pelvic region...basically, below the line of my underwear). I'm female, by the way. Can anyone tell me what this feeling was? Have I injured myself? When I felt the snap there was a short sharp pain but I've not been in any pain since - it does feel slightly odd, but not painful. This is the second time I've experienced this now (within a few months) and I'm curious to know what causes it and what exactly is 'snapping' inside my body.
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U may have neutered yourself. Abs are connected to parts of the d bro, can't u feel that.

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