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Hi All,

I cannot find a sensible priced Beginner Violin Tuition anywhere.
I am willing to pay £15/hour for tuition, but find nothing short of 30+ mile trips and some dubious-experience/origin teachers, which i'd rather avoid.

anywhoo, looking for fellow beginner level folk who are in the same boat as me. i.e. just bought their first violin.

Now, the purpose of this thread is to setup our OWN group lesson.

First, I am looking for:
Another 2-3 people, who live/work in North or West London areas.
Then, I/We need to find:
Reputable/Experienced Violin Teacher who is happy to teach the (such, our) group.

We can Hire a Studio for the duration as well.

Costs would probably work out to be, based on 3 people, as follows

£20 x 3 = £60 (rough estimate)
£45 for such Professional Violinist Teacher, £10-15 for the prime time Large Studio Rental.

with 4:1 ratio, this may work out cheaper £15/hour, or we could have a longer lesson (preferred).

Thoughts? Who's interested. please PM and lets get started.
I am aiming for this to be during the weekday evening(s) but im flexible.

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