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I've known this guy for a year now and he lives in another city, but frequently comes into London for work. We've spoken about meeting on several occasions before, and he's asked me out,but he's bailed and pulled excuses. I'm very wary of people anyway, not in a paranoid way.

I've never been in a relationship and he knows this. We are very good friends, but today he said he hoped there was more to come as we are finally seeing each other tomorrow. (I hope)

He used to frequently ignore me and repeat the conversation or use minimum words. He's stopped this since a couple of weeks ago and engages in decent conversation every now and then.

He said a few extremely cheesy things today before we are to hopefully meet... and sometimes he shows he likes me, but I think he's doing the same to other girls because of how he phrases things.

I'm just not sure what he wants. Is he playing a game with me or something?
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