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Hey, I'm new to TSR and just wanted to get opinions on my Christmas temp job.

So I started my second ever job this week and was very excited as they bigged it up so much, however parts of it are not great but I think that's because I was so used to my old job and their standards and ways.

Anyway, I am currently moving house and was due to move in next year after my contract finishes but now our estate agent has told us we will be moving in next month. Before I started I told my manager etc that I would be fully flexible but now because of the move I won't be. I told my superviser but she didn't seem that interested and just told me it's a manager decision to sort hours. I am contract 20 hours which I'm still willing to do, but I'm just worried my manager wont let me do this as a few other workers have said they put on the temps lots to work everyday or lots of hours a week.

I'm not normally a quitter but I need the days off to help my mom and gran pack up and actually move. Part of me want to look for another job as there are lots of permanent and temp jobs still going around my area but like I said I hate quitting things and I normally just put up with c**p in a job as the money is very important. I feel so fed up already and kind of wish I'd gone back to my other job even though they were offering 0 hour contracts, at least i'd feel welcome there but thats another story why I didn't go back.

Sorry for going on. Just want opinions off people on what to do or If anyone has had a similar situation

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