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in a report about business tourism i've been asked - ·

Evaluate how the host community and destination are portrayed from a socio-cultural perspective, what are the cues and cultural norms of the destination that are evident in the promotion of the conference and staging of the conference programme.

can someone explain what this is asking?
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Host is a person who receives. Hence host community means, community who receives anyone from a particular destination. Lets say, the Chinese community in London. socio-cultural means combination of both social and cultural factors. so, referring to the earlier example, i think you should explain how the chinese community in UK, are shown from social and cultural factors. it could perhaps be how they live, how they uphold their traditions in a foreign country and things like that. in the second part of the question, ask yourself. what can be the norms of a destination? like you cant smoke, dont talk aloud and what not. so, what i think is that, in the conference and staging of the conference program, in this procedure, what are the usual things that we are asked not to do? what are we asked to do? i guess that is about it.

i hope it is of some sort of help to you. that is how I could perceive the topic.

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