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Hi everyone.

I graduated with a medical degree from Malaysia and currently planning to pursue my Masters and subsequently PhD in the field of Virology. I am very interested in the Masters course offered by both Imperial & LSHTM.

Imperial - MSc in Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses (Virology)
LSHTM - MSC Medical Microbiology (Virology)

I would like to know which university is better for the study of virology. My scope of interest in virology is in virus transmitted tropical diseases such as dengue & leptospira and also retroviruses.

As far as I know, Imperial has a much better ranking than LSHTM but I am not sure regarding their virology department. How is their reputation? LSHTM, on the other hand, is internationally famous for public health and tropical medicine and I think maybe I could have more exposure and build more connections at LSHTM.

I would kindly appreciate any feedback or advice from all of you here. Thanks a lot!
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As you correctly indicated: ICL is better known to the general public for Science & Medicine. But LSHTM is well known among health professionals. It is good that you identified your areas of virology interest. Check both departments on: research centres, virology PhD topics and supervisors, funding, relevant research publications in journals, any experts teaching there? I have the impression that both unis have good labs, but LSHTM has a bit more field work edge.

Is there a tuition difference for internationals btw these two unis? Good luck

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