My car door got egged last night, will a powerful jet wash clean it off? Watch

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Went out to my 14 year old car about an hour ago, found drivers door panel has been egged, completely splattered with yolk but only a tiny piece of shell stuck to it so biggest problem is the dried yolk. I don't think any egg is on the window

how do I go about cleaning it off, will I be best going to the BP petrol garage and using a powerful jet wash? will the egg even come off? it's dried on immensely due to the freakishly warm weather for time of year ( global warming)

should I even bother trying to clean it off or wait until after Halloween tonight is out of the way because it;'ll probably end up getting egged tonight too.

I only moved to the area 8 months ago and I hope nobody I know from the new area has done this

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