What to do with hair for apple bobbing? Watch

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Hey, this weekend im going to a kinda halloween party, but its not fancy dress really, just masks and small stuff, cos were playing games and one is going to be apple bobbing... now iv seen the size of the tub and its like 2 feet deep... Im just going to wear a bikini top so my shirt doesnt get soaked but im not sure what to do with hair... cos im guessing its gunna get wet?! I have long blonde hair which takes ages to straighten and control and takes hours to dry... now normally for a party I would straighten it but is there any point? If I wear it down ~I doubt it would all go in the water as its to my waist but my head would get wet... would that just look stupid? Should I just wear it in a bun and let it all go in so at least its all wet?
Thanks guys

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