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well im a female girl in college and recently im starting to think i have anxiety and general worrying.
I think most of it is in my head but i had a peeing issue recently. It led me to go to the toilet every hour and constant worrying it hasn't gone away but the doctor told me it was just spotting and should clear up- it did but peeing 8-10 times a day hasn't stopped that worried me, i've been calming down slightly but i think the peeing is down to me worrying/ stressing but sometimes it feels like theres something else.

Im no stranger to stressing, infact i worry a lot for no reason as to if i'll be on time for college, or say if i need to go to the toilet at break ill be fine but then i need torush to the next lesson or say ill be grabbing my things from a locker and ill feel absolutely anxious and when i put things from my locker into my bag i notice my hands are shaking i feel a sudden warmth ness , and that awkward and uncomfortable feeling doesn't go until maybe 20-35 minutes of me being sat in a lesson and once im settled its time to go again. It can happen on any reason and sometimes even f im sat on my bed im worried or feel on the edge and uncomfortable???

I know i worry in general- i've always been the person that worries over the slightest things or gets agitated with change.
but im starting to think that its to much and its worrying me i don't want to get to the point were i am constantly anxious .
i also think it may be due to the fear of college- i know, but there's actually nothing that makes me fear it- apart from the peeing issue of peeing like every hour , but the thing is im embarassed to ask in lesson so i go just in case after/before a less and then rush because i dont want to be late.
But even when i left yr 11 i started to worry about college and now im here the only thing i worry about really is the workload but that isn't excessive, i think it might actually be college because i'm not a person that copes well with change and i normally take a few weeks to adjust but its nearly 3 months in and i still feel on edge.

Please help as i think i might have anxiety but i think its all just in my head, are there any tips with how to deal with it as sometimes i actually cry because i dont know whats wrong and why its all in my head.
Please help and offer any suggestions as to how you dealt with it and how i can deal with college in general .
Thanks xx
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If you are peeing more often than usual it might be a bladder problem, go see your doctor about it

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