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Hello everyone...

Please accept my apologies for asking this question too late... yes this is my fourth year in a student accommodation and I never cared about this matter because I didn't have a void to fill before now.

My attractive flatmate just went on her second date... I kinda wonder how many second dates did she go to over the past couple of years she's been here in the UK. She is very attractive appearance-wise, she's an artist that draws/paints very well and plays the piano too... I could go on and on about all the beautiful things in details and make my self fall in love with her immediately. This girl is a keeper... I seriously wonder, are guys out there really bad in relationships and can't keep a girl? Or is "dating" just a word used to get laid with a different guy every once in a while?!

Last year, I had another flatmate... she's a nice girl, very cheerful and fun to be around. Athletic and has her plus points. Yet she was dating a different guy every couple of weeks... that kept going on for the whole year! I'm not even sure if her dates were overlapping or not... but I felt her approach me couple of times while she' was with someone and I disregarded her signals. It felt to me that she's more into physical rather than passionate relationships...

The thing in common with these two girls are very high frequency of dating!!

It would be really helpful if a girl answer these questions:
1. How to distinguish between the question of going out on a date and question of going out just to hang out?

2. Why do girls date? What are their expectations
ie are they just looking for a kick out of the dating process? Are they looking for a temporary company/relationship? Are they looking for serious relationship? I know this varies from one person to another and almost impossible to tell... but i'm pretty sure there is some general expectations that people nowadays have from a date.
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1. This is a very cultural thing, if teh girl is british she could say, let me help you move in meaning marry me, or it could mean that she just wants to help you move in. It's safe to assume that a good half of girls will never ask you out even if they want to.

2. This is often an age thing, not always, but for a lot of university age girls there is a lot of pressure to have sexcapades without having a serious relationship where they could end up getting married or having children, this probably only appplies to abotu 30% of women, there rest are either looking for a non-serious boyfriend, not looking or keeping an open mind

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