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Have I packed too much?

I got a large suitcase, a large sports bag with all my kitchen and microwave food. Also a large box for all my other stuff like toilet rolls, cds, laptop, paper etc. and still need to put my pillow and duvet in someting if i can find a plastic bag that big.

So am i the only one who thinks i got 2 much stuff let me no thanks.
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I had an entire Ford Fiesta filled with stuff. Like the boot filled, the backseat filled to a level which just about allowed use of the rear view mirror and also stuff all over the front seat. And it all fits in my room. Was an utter bitch to unpack on my own though...
Students on campus at Loughborough University
Loughborough University
well ive got , 3 holdalls of food , 2 boxes of kitchen stuff , bedding stuff , and 3 massive big sainsburys orange bags of shopping , oh and my guitar and ma laptop etc , i dont think itll fit lol
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God knows how much i've got packed so far... i'm only halfway done! lol! Having a break atm!!! Annnnd i'm even taking less than i did last time!! Oh well, part of the fun trying to get everything in your room!!

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I have tooo much stuff!!!! 5 cartons of stuff so far (various sizes) and 1 suitcase, then a couple of extra bags of kitchen stuff, haven't even invluded food yet! I'm going to Tesco now!
OMG am i glad you lot think you have packed loads... cuz i think i have way too much!! My family have all been and brought me food... (tins etc) and i have like 2 boxes full! Then there is my clothes, kitchen stuff... the list goes on!!
its geting to the point where i really dont think itll fit in my car lol

im taking myself down :frown: because my dad works in norway and my mums a teacher so cant come :frown:

ill get them to bring some stuff down at the weekend i thinks
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Do we get a chair?
So far...I got 3 storage crates full of kitchen duvet in its original desktop printer...and one large suitcase (well yet to see if there's only going to be one...coz i'm packing my clothes 2moro..)...

(I still got a bit of clothes shopping 2moro and gotta pick up my dinner set...)
yeh i think we get a chair in our rooms... along with the desk! i think most of the halls do.. well falk egg does and thats the cheapest halls so i guess the others must have!!!
ahh iv got all that plus a shed load of art stuff think ur self lucky iv got loads of it to take!!!
jess x x x
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Do we get a chair?

Yeah, u should get a chair, but its not a very good one. Its normally one of those chairs from a school class room. I brought my own chair after a few weeks.
Last year i had a 'comfy' chair also (like one in a reception!) so i swapped that over with the school chair you get... lol!! Yeah i might swap over to a nicer chair few weeks into term.

Gawwwd, still haven't finished! Clothes done, annnd that's about it! Going to have a bath later and pack up most toiletries, rest tomorrow morning... atm doing stationary and random crap :biggrin:... my totty spotter sheep for example! lol!!

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Too much? I'm gonna have to take 2 cars (one of which is a massive estate)! BUT that's partly because I wanna take my bike, and I don't think that will go in with the rest of my stuff (plus my mum and dad both want to come so I don't think 3 people plus my stuff will fit in the car).
I'm bringing a chair with me. It's a pink comfy desk chair with flowers on!!! :-D Dad's taking the crappy one they give you back home and bringing it back at the end of the year :p: I haven't started packing yet...should I be worried? lol
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I'm not going until Thursday, but I haven't done much packing at all. On top of that, I'm out until tomorrow evening (to say goodbye to people... :frown: ), so it's going to be a bit hectic when I get round to packing.
On top of it all, I'm having to separate the essentials which I'm taking on Thursday, and the stuff that my parents will bring when I find out about a more permanent room.
ive got my food in about 5 carrier bags... a box with random kitchen stuff in.. a rucksack with my laptop n pens and paper... stuff like that... then ive got a duvet and stuff... AND my clothes .. ...
uh oh.. and tv and ps2 to sort out..

think ive got quite a bit.. should all fit in the boot of the car though pretty much.. hopefully
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I just about leval filled the back of the 306.
- Rear seats down, then just leval filled upto the bottom of the windows.
- PC, moniter, 3 large sportbags, few boxes, speakers, folding chair...

Now i have to take the 806 (mpv) because of my bike.

Phew! I thought I was the only one too! lol! Got so many boxes of stuff to take but not bringing it tomorrow with me as I have to come on the train. Woo. So the parents can work out how to fit the majority of it in the car on Sat when they bring it to me! Simple!

:smile: Linzi xxx