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Hey there.....

I recently just started my application to join the RAF as a human resource personnel.. i've got my aptitude test soon and i'm so so worried because i'm struggling with pretty much everything apart from verbal reasoning and work rate.. I did get C's in both english and maths but D in science GCSE's and that was in 2008. My Alevels done in 2010 since then I haven't really done much maths or anything related to whats in the aptitude test.I'm really worried now, not to mention the functional skills after that

Anyone know where I can find study guides to help me... I'm willing to do whatever it takes!
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There's a great website that comes up with lots of mocks when you google aptitude tests that are free.

For revision, just remember, that they're not going to make you do something absurd like calculus! (Would be terrible, I know!)

BBC bitesize is worth a look at, as they have things summed up in key points which are perfect for revision.



And remember, if you get stuck on a question, then use some common sense and go with your gut instinct, because the chances are that you'll get some marks at least.
Mostly, they're looking for the ability to apply logic to new situations, so just try your best! They love people who put effort in, because it shows determination and the desire to achieve in adverse conditions.

Good luck! Any further questions, please get in touch!


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Try and revise as much as you can for it (mainly to brush up on what you don't know) but remember this isn't a normal test. It will test what you know on the day. There's things on the test like work rate and memory that can't be revised for. Best advice I can give you is don't be too nervous. When I did my AST I treated it like it was a school exam and not a rest to determine my future. It helps if you think about it like this, just stay calm and try your best through it.

If you want to revise go on bitesize website or go to your local library and ask them if they have any books on the subject you're revising for.

Also if you really want there's a program you can pay for (£20) that will take you through a few mock AST's. £20 may seem like a lot but it really helped me out when I was preparing.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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