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Hey guys, just a couple of questions about Aberdeen's New Carnegie Court accommodation.

Are there many/any 17 year olds in there?
What are the noise levels like? Could I sleep at night?
Do you think that I will be able to go out clubbing and stuff if I got a fake ID? Don't even have to drink, I just don't want to get left behind on university life.
What are the parties in halls like? I literally have no idea and I'm really intrigued! Would they (fellow students) let 17 year olds drink at them?
What kind of hookup is considered $1utty at university? I've never had my first kiss - I don't need to have it with a guy who is my boyfriend, I just don't want to have it with a guy that I feel doesn't care about me at all so I've chosen to wait so far. But if say, you had known a guy for a month or longer and one day you guys made out together or slept together, but it was just a one time thing, would everyone think of the girl as being promiscuous? I don't plan to sleep around or anything of the sort, I just don't want to get a bad reputation.

Thank you all so much!
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Yes, I live in a flat of 17 year olds.
It's not bad, it's quite quiet actually, only downside is that you can hear your flatmates talking through the wall cause the walls are so thin.
You'd get caught and they'd take you to the police, happened a few times this year.
Parties are crazy!! 17 year olds sneak drinks in haha.
Well, one month is already quite good and people will think you're an official couple, so it'd be ok. But if you knew a guy for only one day then the rumours would spread like wildfire, generally, other girls would be ok with it but the guys would be like, calling you those names and that.

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