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1.Today an incident occurred at a football match I was told to swap staff around and they didnt comply and said "who are you to tell us", this was raised to the management and the staff involved didnt comply and argument escalated between me and them I wasnt swearing or anything I was just doing as I was told and it wasnt a problem for them to move they wanted to be with their friends. The management spoke to them and the staff said I didnt know the fire evacuation policy which is an outright lie but the management believed them. I cannot recall anyone asking me this but the management said I was asked and I said I didnt know. I dont remember a thing !

2.Another incident was that there was a joke between my team leader and another staff and the person laughed about it before the game. After the match had ended the person said to my team leader that he was making fun out of him due to the joke and abused my supervisor by swearing saying he shouldnt have said that bearing in mind he laughed when the joke was said and theres like 20 other staff who witnessed the joke. It wasnt even a joke just a funny comment. This escalated outside were another staff member tried to calm the person down and me and the team leader stood there listening but ignoring the rude remarks. Then another person said what a crap team leader stood there laughing ? Ok so what was he supposed to do hit him and lose his job. The guy continued as we told him to calm down and then he tried to hit my team leader I then came in the way to prevent it and he backed off so he didnt hit my team leader. The guy then said he would fight in the alley way and walked off. The reason I came in the way was because as deputy team leader I felt it was in my responsibility to support my team leader. I didnt assault the other guy nor did I swear at him the way he did to us.

This to me is highly unprofessional, I was thinking of taking it up with the management they are highly known in the security industry and have meetings with police to organise a football club and arenas. But the management have somewhat doubted me due to the lie that was told.

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