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I have known my best friend for ten years and we always been very close. However he moved away when we were teenagers and so we have seen each other in person only a handful of times in recent years as a result. Over the years we have seen each other through relationships, bereavements etc and generally he has been a great confidant. It has always been platonic for me, though I knew there was attraction there for him at one point.

But towards the beginning of this year I literally woke up one morning and seemed to see him in a different light. I thought about some of the fools I had been dating in the past and realised this guy had possibly been here under my nose the whole time. However he has a girlfriend and as a result I have said nothing. I have also said nothing because I don't want to wreck the friendship.

At the moment I am living abroad and we keep in touch every week (mostly initiated by him). We send each other very long correspondences (like 1000 words or more usually) - in the last one he expressed his admiration for me as a person, said I was 'beautiful' in the passing and even seemed a little flirty (nothing too overt but this has never been the case before!). Overall there is a deep love and respect there and I do find myself wondering if at some point we should give a relationship a go. We should be in the same place at the same time again soon.

But what can I do realistically? Keep quiet, respect his relationship and simply get on with my life?

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