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I am female and class myself as straight because i only have romantic feelings for males but i am attracted to both males and females sexually. I don't think i would get involved with a girl unless it is a friends with benefits kind of thing. This was all fine and i haven't really spoken to any about it until a few months ago i realized that i am really attracted to my straight female best friend. She is just so hot and i really like about her, i don't know i have seen her at her best and at her worst and i really like her. I find myself getting jealous when guys like her or she likes guys. Two years ago a friend of mine came out as bi and my best friend acted weird around her and seemed like she was uncomfortable around her but i think that is a more personal thing because they didn't always get on and i know she isn't homophobic or anything she has always said that out of our friendship she would date me and she is always cuddling me in bed and always fishing for compliments around me but when she said to me about her dream date she said 'i really need someone just like you, but as a guy' but i realt li

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