Why ask at interview about having worked under pressure? Watch

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I have done PA/secretarial work for almost 40 years now and at one time you never saw the phrase "Able to work under pressure" in job adverts. Yet it is becoming increasingly common, especially in office work, with one person now being expected to do what used to be two or three people's jobs. I also earn only £4,000 per year more now than I did in 1987!! Don't get me wrong - I am certainly not work-shy and don't mind taking on extra responsibility, but increasingly bosses expect someone who will basically do most of their job for them, for a fraction of what they are paid per year. The trouble is, there are people out there silly enough to do this and that is what is perpetuating it all.

I am also confused by the fact that if someone goes for a job as, say, a mechanic, they are not asked to "work under pressure", neither are they asked to change a wheel as part of their interview process. Yet as well as being expected to work under pressure, PAs/secretaries are always asked to type letters as part of their interview process which is, to be frank, a complete insult to their intelligence.

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