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Deadline for getting laid

Alright, we know that we are all anxious to meet each other and check out the quality of Imperial's boys/girls in general, so I thought it would be a good idea if we would all set ourselves a deadline for getting laid.

Here's mine: 30th September 2006

If you tell me what your date is, I will add it to the list, if it's not too personal :wink:

Rofl - 30th September 2006 - Savage style.

Tuppatopbrer - 30th September 2006 - Something-style.

prince32 - 1st October 2006 - Exhaustion style.

τequιıasunrıse - 30th September 2006 - Gangbang style.

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Reply 1
lol was just talking about this with a friend, type of girl needed = AID infested =(
Learning at Imperial College London
Imperial College London
Reply 2
LOL. Okay, well we could make this a love directory as well if you want.
Reply 3
hah i dunno im just gonna be a bit careful or take extra thick johnnys :P
Reply 4
Already done :p: So no date needed!
Reply 5
oh man..come on dont cheat
lol classic thread. Ill agree with rofl's deadline, its either that or I get chronically drunk on wife beaters and do some odd stuff :smile:

No need for extra thick johnnys in my opinion. If you do have sex with an ICL student, chances are she/he doesnt want to get pregnant as s/he wants a career not a child. Also chances are that an ICL student would be stupid enough to contract an STI. You on the other hand...
Reply 7
Already done :p: So no date needed!

Getting laid with an Imperial student, not with your mum.

So, you're not qualified yet, sorry.
Reply 8
oh i wasnt planning on imperial student either actually..awkward afterwards
Reply 9
i could say 30th septemeber but im going to be realistic seeing as im gonna be leavin amnchester at 4am on the 30th headin to london i recon im gonna js end up collapsing of exhaustion and then any act of sex would end up being of a lazy nature thus i conclude my comepltely realistic deadline of 1st october
Reply 10
tbh somehow i think imperial girls will be less of a freakynature then we are planning on...hence the need to crash at ucl...
Reply 11
btw guys....if imperial freshers turn out to be a bit boring, would u lot consider just hitting the clubs instead? I know we are supposed to mix in and stuff but if its boring i think ill just pass - theres plenty of time for mixing later =P
Some of my friends did it at manchester as their nightlife was awesome compared to the freshers apparently...anyone not ruling out skipping some freshers events?
Hey aren't some of the fresher's events taking place at nightclubs anyhow? (with the exception of the ball?) Nonetheless, i'll join in if we get enough people!
Reply 13
Perhaps :smile:

Might be able to get enough numbers for that gangbang I organised earlier.
Reply 14
I am more than willing to miss fresher's events if my new friends and I want to go out of our own accord.
Reply 15
If you're holding a gangbang, can you invite me?
Reply 16
Your name would be the first on my list, honey.
Reply 17
LOLOL, take that descrption of roffel. Wifebeater is the name for stella's I have you know. takeitoff.
Reply 19
30th September, gangbang style