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As the clean see-through door shut belligerently, I could immediately feel my lungs gasp for air. I don’t know which made my red heart panic most: the furious search through my black patent Michael Kors bag, being strapped to my leather seat by a tight grey belt or knowing I was doing something incredibably wrong. For me an enormous airplane is one place in the world that evokes every emotion in my fragile body. Sadness, happiness, anxiety, comfort, fear, anticipation, there all a vehicle for escape and change in my uneasy life.
For the past two years it has aided me in my everlasting battle against space, time and distance. It allows me to leave my apprehensive life behind and be with the one person who makes me glow like a magnificent star.
Itis his ability to turn my sad days into happy days and make me feel comfortable in my own skin, as it has always been worth the journey to fulfil the black hole in my sorrowful heart.
The difficulty of being in a long distance, serious relationship has always been an unspoken understanding between my unsympathetic parents and me. I feel that sometimes they should just hand-cuff me and throw me behind cold steel bars, as I walked through the grey metal detector. But I must say that there is a certain element of excitement within my fear of being stopped for something unacceptable or being caught.
As I glanced out of the white metal window, I saw creepy mysterious men throwing luggage around. The sun was like a large orange fire ball in the distance. I watched with an unwavering gaze, as a fiery red orb of light slowly sank beneath the horizon and threads of light lingered in the sky; mingling with the rolling clouds. The sky was bright orange, then red and then dark blue; until all that was left of the sunset was a chalky mauve. Then that melted away as darkness took over the prepossessing sky. I slowly pulled down the small crinkled shade, to cover the airplane window. Now I was shut out of...reality.
The plane took off. I found myself gripping on to the armrest as if my life depended on it. Strong wind roamed the surrounding, causing butterflies in my stomach. Suddenly enduring memories of the day we met flashed through my mind. The first time I saw him was at a grass ditch in Cornwall. He sat on the grass alone with his legs crossed, like a child. His short prickly hair blowing with the light thin wind. But his beautiful eyes were shut, he looked so attractive. I just sat in front of the beautiful red roses, and prayed for peace and kindness in beautiful world God created. Suddenly I felt a soft tap on my left shoulder. It was him. The man I saw before sitting on the grass alone. Then the conversation started to flow. Of course being attractive is part of the story, but what creates a true and lasting connection goes deeper than just looks, it is all about his charming personality.
The cold stale air from the air vent began to make me nauseous and chilly. I removed the fuzzy bright yellow woolly blanket from the flexible plastic bag and wrapped it around my body. It felt spiky but warm, like his hugs. I closed my honey brown eyes; I could feel the heartbeat of his chest.
I remember how I used to squirm underneath my green warm cuddly blanket every night only so my parents wouldn’t be disturbed by
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the s******s and outrageous giggles of my nightly conversations. I started to fall asleep with a cheerful smile on my face, like every
I immediately could feel the black hole in my warm heart closing up bit by bit.
I was abruptly woken up when the wheels of the plane violently hit the runway, much like the way my pounding alarm clock did every morning. Only this time I didn’t have to go through my day alone.
It was the kind of day that made me urge my muscles to operate properly in order to get up. I stood up. My meagre, nutrition, starved body quivered; I walked out the airplane. I felt a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt a sense of relief, almost getting away with a crime.
I walked desperately trying to force air into my lungs at the same time. I felt my excitement building up as I walked through the airport and closer to him. I couldn’t believe it, as I had been counting to this day for years.
My heart is complete and fulfilled with joy and happiness. I slowly forget about everything that I have left behind.
I didn’t look back.

what grade would u give this essay and why? Also give advise of how to improve the eassy.


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