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Hi all, I'm in my first year of History at the University of York and I'm not particularly enjoying it. I find the course incredibly tedious, boring, and difficult and the university itself is rather boring, bland and feels poorly organised/has a rather lifeless community spirit. I don't feel comfortable approaching my tutors regarding issues I have and although the city is pretty and has an okay nightlife/shops,etc. I couldn't see myself living here for the next three years; it's simply too small and everything here seems to be very timid. I come from Newcastle, so York is several steps down for me in terms of city size and atmosphere. The only things that I really enjoy here are the great friends I've made in my accommodation (which is ridiculously over priced) and my new girlfriend.

I came to York through the adjustment program with little knowledge of what the university was like prior. My firm was Newcastle and I chose York because I wanted to move away from home. My results were A*AA, above the acceptance standards of both universities at ABB/AAB. However now that I'm here, I'm finding it difficult to adopt to town life, and constantly find myself wanting to go to nearby cities for the buzz and atmosphere.

Originally, my heart had been set on Leeds however I didn't think I'd achieve AAA so rejected their offer. The same goes for Sheffield, who offered me AAB. I only chose Newcastle because I doubted my own abilities after getting BBD at AS and Newcastle were offering me ABB (lowered from AAB). I went into Leeds the other night however and couldn't help but feel depressed all the way home, as I absolutely adore the city.

What I'm asking is: This far into term would it be possible to approach one of the prestigious city universities (Leeds, Sheffield, Manc, etc.) and request a transfer? If so, what happens if I do and does anyone know how the process works, and what I have to do to instigate this?

Thanks all.
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You will definitely not be able to transfer into the first year. You'll have to stay at York for this year but you can transfer into the second year of the Universities you want providing the content you cover in the first year at York is similar enough to the content covered during the first year at Leeds, Sheffield, Manc etc and the Universities you want to go to accept transfers.

Email the admissions team for the Uni's you want to go to and see if they accept transfers, they usually reply within a day. If they do accept them you'll be asked for your course prospectus and they'll determine if your first year at York is similar enough to the first year at their University. If it is they'll make you an offer on email and tell you to apply.

I've gotten a transfer for the second year so this is what it was like for me.

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