Pros and Cons of the University of Gloucestershire?

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Gloucestershire is one of my choices for UCAS as I loved the graphics course there. Can anybody (especially those on the Francis Close Hall campus) tell about the pros and cons of the uni? Thanks.
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- Helpzone - a place you can go to get advice on anything (accomm, course, placements, internships, deadlines...)
- Cheltenham - its a lovely small town, everything is in walking distance so you don't need to pay for taxis home on nights out, the architecture is becautiful because its a spa town with loads of churchs and cotswold brick buildings and the shopping is really good
- Festivals - There are festivals year round in cheltenham including a design festival
- course - my boyfriend studied Graphic Design and loved it, the lecturers know a lot about their subject and really try to help you out as much as possible, you get regular critiques, the class groups are small, graphics have their own seperate building just for them
- FCH - Francis Close Hall looks like Hogwarts, its a lovely old building with its own chapel, there aren't loads of students studying there either so you get to recognise people and the SU is always buzzing. FCH is the best campus to be based at because its in the centre of cheltenham so its close to where all the student accomm is.

- Cheltenham can be quite expensive to live in at times, student accomm is more expensive than at some other unis
- Glos isn't a redbrick or russell group uni

I really enjoyed my time at the uni. Its nice and small so lectures aren't overcrowded and they really do offer loads of support. Let me know if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer

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