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I am considering completing an honours degree in electrical engineering, I have been advised that I should get a degree as it would lead to better thing, many companies prefer a degree over HNC for example. But not all jobs require degrees, people going into electrical design engineering don't need degrees and I would also go on to say that a degree was nearly worthless, a lot of what is learnt at university isn't relevant especially in engineering there ar many aspects. A lot of time spent at university is a waste of time, I've asked many people their opinions on the education system and they said it was junk, many people say its just the regurgitation of information, you will learn something's but you aren't really fit for the job, many will say once you come out of university that you need experience to get the job and to get experience you need experience, many companies don't want to employ new graduates even for work experience when they have a hand full of people applying anyway, it'll be hard to start.

Also so many people go into debt for it, the underemployment and unemployment rate after university is high, I see all these courses where people come out to work at McDonald's, most of the time the debt isn't worth it because once you add up increased tax from earning over £30k per year, the interest from the student loan itself plus the student loan, it's not worth it. They tell you that you don't have to pay it off straight away and it's not a real debt but in reality you're left screwed paying back nearly twice as much as you were originally lent out. If you can stay out of debt you're better off doing that, go for a career that you can actually get experienced with like something you can practice at home.

The banks have planned this, they are more cunning than you think. They are raking in the money from student loans and debt slaves. I wouldn't be surprised if they removed the "you don't have to pay it back if you don't pay it in 40 years." Take for example the time when they were bailed out £500 billion, they won't pay it back, they get away with it despite still getting bonuses, the man most responsible for the crash - Leighman Brothers, doesn't even have his name mentioned, I say approach what people are telling you with caution, you probably don't have to go to complete a full degree, many are just debt slaves from it, be careful about what is said "get a student loan" and " you have to go to university", most can be learnt online.

Maybe people here will disagree with me but many people would say they've had bad experiences with the banks, they are much more cunning than people think, creating money out of thin air and lending it to the people for a high interest rate and then getting bailed out once too much has been lent, if you absolutely have to complete a degree then go for it, but if you can manage to get something that would get you the position go for that.

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