should I tell my friend I wanna go after a guy I have never talked to? Watch

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She knows I find him cute though and she did tease me about it but I always brushed it off saying that I just like looking at him n I won't do anything but lately I am dying inside to talk to him. I really want to get to know this person. Ffs I am sick of living a plain boring life that's "safe".

I wanna share my feelings with her but I am afraid she will think that I am way too unrealistic as err he is really cute and hot (at least in my eyes) but I am just not on par. My friend is also really pretty and that makes me feel even worse because if she's not trying to get guys, then why should I even bother?

I just want someone to talk to but I'm not sure if I should. What if he turned out to be a **** and I embarrassed myself in front of my best friend too? Like if she doesn't know about my true feelings and I did make a move and got rejected badly or what, at least I am not embarrassed in front of her.
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Can you trust her? If she's your friend then surely she will be sympathetic about it.
Don't tell the guy how you feel though, pls :dong:

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