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Hi Guys,

I'm studying for my A-levels and well I'm really struggling to get motivated to complete all of my work and prepare notes for exams. Starting to get really concerned.

It might be worth adding that I'm struggling with being able to sleep and I wake up regularly during the night, this leaves me fatigued and often very frustrated and when I come home from sixth form I end up just laying down and resting and the hours soon fly by.

In my AS year I was in the same predicament throughout the year except the sleeping pattern was a lot worse, regularly not being able to fall asleep until 3am and such. (Waking up on the hour all night e.c.t)

I didn't work as hard as I should have during my AS year, but when it came down to the crunch I revised thoroughly for my exams in the months leading up to them. Although due to the lack of work in the year I had no class notes they were left in a heap in a draw for each subject. Disgraceful I know. This meant I was basically learning the course as opposed to revising it.

I came out with AABB.

Although the A-level year is a lot harder and I don't think I'm going to be able to achieve those results if I do the same as my AS level year. I wouldn't like to say I'm a lazy person because I am proactive but it seems I give my attention to the wrong things such as reading material which interests me but is irrelevant to my studies. I was wondering if anyone who was in the same situation or is coping with this situation really well could explain how they stay motivated to get on with the work that I actually need for my A-level exams.

P.S. I'm aware it's November and many of you will be looking forward to Christmas and not worrying about exams, however I really want to try and overcome this. Hell, I may even be limiting my prosperity.

Thank you.

(Sorry for posting this in relationships section on accident)
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Wow, I am in EXACTLY the same position!! Even down to the same grades we attained, the sleeping problems and the whole no class notes!! This is actually exactly the same situation as me! I honestly hope we can both get through this. I have had this whole week to revise for an important assessment tomorrow and still have not yet picked up my pen -___-. I just can't motivate myself! It's so frustrating because I know that if I were able to motivate myself to work then I could come out with 3 A*'s (which is not cocky, I'm sure you'll agree with what I am saying, seen as you're in the same position as me). I can't give you any advice but I can tell you that our situations are frighteningly similar and you can PM me any time. I always just procrastinate. I said I would start revision on Friday last week and have procrastinated ever since. It's really horrible as well because my days are ruined by the constant thought that I have to get work done.... :/ Good luck for the both of us, hopefully we can find that motivation somewhere!
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I'm in the same position!

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