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anyone considering Weston Hall?
weston hall
university of manchester

let me give you the pros and cons about this accommodation but first of all this is only my personal opinion.
Pros- its in the city
- next to the North Campus (School of Material and Science)
- super close to Piccadilly Train Station
- Free bus to the main campus (147- runs on mon-fri 7am-6pm)
- self catered with an en-suite
- parking lot next door

Cons- quite far from other student accommodations
- there isn't a convenience shop near by (closest is about a 5 minute walk to the main road (quite unsafe during night time) or the train station)
- inside the building is fairly old and worn down
- only a few rooms have been refurbished (RED BLOCK)
- reception staff are quite rude and not helpful and reception is usually closed
- there have been a few burglar incidents (baring in mind we have only been here for 7 weeks)
- Silverfish in the shower (if you dont know what it is google it)
- wardrobes are fairly small and not so much storage places
- no tv or internet connection in kitchen/ living room area

my room and flat (didnt want to include this on the pros and cons since it might just be my flat that has encountered these)
I was one of the lucky few who got a room in the newly refurbished part of weston hall, my mattress was new, room not so old looking compared to other people's, newly refurbished kitchen, new 2 fridges etc.
-Our Flat door doesn't lock/broken and the keys we were given for it doesnt work. (yes we have complained about this issue to our warden and at the reception but till now nothing has been done about it.) Therefore we are having to lock our room doors just to go to the kitchen for 10 minutes.
- since there is no shower door on the shower and only a flimsy shower curtain the water kinda gets everywhere and just soaks the whole bathroom.
- shower floor would overflow with water and flood the whole bathroom
- silverfish in the shower
- i find the laundry fee quite expensive (£5 just for the laundry card and £3+ for one wash and dry washing powder not included) but i think its the same with other accommodations
- before we moved in we were told we would have an iron and and ironing board also a mop and a brush, we didnt get any of those so I decided to tell the warden a few days from moving in and till now we still havent been given it and were having to borrow from the flat next door.
- heating in my room works however it doesnt really warm up the room probably due to the draft from the window and the heating seems to turn itself off.

as I said these are only my opinions and my experiences however i am paying £128 per week and expected a more decent hall since i am paying more than the average price. I recently just paid £2000+ for my termly rent which btw you cannot opt for a monthly payment which I thought was how they are usually paid in other unis. Annual fee £5131 - £400 deposit you pay before you move in.

overall i dont think weston hall is worth the money, if it was one of your choices cause its in the city or its near the north campus there are a lot of private student accommodations around the same are which is almost the same price as weston hall but better eg Lambert hall, fairfield etc. (all next to sackville building) which I wished I looked at before choosing weston.

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