Can you do C2 Maths if you haven't really grasped C1? Watch

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I was just wondering, how should I approach this situation. In maths we're now doing C2 and I did not consolidate C1, I only know bits here and there as I was being a bit insecure and scared due to my C in gcse maths. worrying if I would survive then I put my focus last term on my English lit essays mainly. The thing is I spent so much time worrying instead of studying so now I hardly know anything in C1 and we are now starting C2, what do I do?
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What board is this for? I think generally you're alright as long as you've understood differentiation/integration.
you are introduced to quite a lot of new things in core 2 that you won't have seen before so i think you'll be fine. Are you doing 3 or 4 subjects?

I ask that because with a C in GCSE maths and you're struggling to even understand the content of core 1 you're at major risk of failing... not trying to sound harsh but you need to do a lot of work and catch up on that or i'd suggest dropping it after AS because core 3 and core 4 is 10x harder than core 1.

Don't worry about the C at GCSE A level maths isn't like GCSE just forget you even have that and focus on understanding the content in A level. You'll probably have to work harder than people who got A* but it's not impossible to get a decent grade with a C at GCSE.

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