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I'm supposed to be getting married in six months, and my fiancee recently lost his job. I'm a graduate student and don't make a lot of money, so my fiancee was the main earner. We don't spend much money and aren't having financial difficulties, but obviously we're both hoping he gets a new job really soon; he's been interviewing a ton and I think it'll happen soon, but hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, my parents are really unhappy with this situation and now don't want us getting married because my fiancee isn't working. I'm really anxious about all of this because I want my parents to be happy and now I don't think they're going to want to be involved in the wedding at all if we go forward with our current plans. They don't even seem to want to talk about the wedding or my fiancee ever. Obviously all of this will improve when my fiancee starts working again, but, in the meantime, the whole situation is really uncomfortable and I don't know what to do.

I'm trying to be as supportive as possible of my fiancee, but I'm also really stressed about his situation and my own stuff at school and it's hard to always be positive. I don't have anyone to talk with about this because my parents are basically not talking to me about it, and I don't want to make things harder on my fiancee by expressing my stress about his job to him. Maybe a counselor would help? I mainly just want this situation to be resolved, but the waiting game is getting to me, as is the toll this has taken on my relationship with my parents.
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Is he trying his best to find a new job? Does he have prospects? Your parents want the best for you, and don't want you to start your married life under so much stress, and that's perfectly understandable.. but you just need to try talking to them properly, letting them put their views forward in return for you showing your opinions, too.

I assume your wedding is already planned if you have the date, so postponing/cancelling it would bring lots of questions. If you love each other then go ahead. It will test your relationship, and seeing how you deal with this situation may well be a good insight into married life - so make the most of it!

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