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LPC with a 2:2

Can someone give me some hope please?

I am about to embark on my final yr of law, and i am very fairly predicted a 2:2. I do have mitigating circumstances (death in family knocked me hard, had to run my family business and consequently i mucked up my 2nd yr exams :frown: and didnt do too hot in my first yr), but im bothered cdf wont look at me twice for the LPC. Had my heart set on BVC but have given up on that due to the prediction. Have people been accepted on to the course with a 2:2, as their first choice?

Also what is the set up when it comes to teaching it? how many hours/days is it spread out over?

any sort of help would be seriously appreciated! :smile:

(If it helps i had AABB for a2 and am at cdf doing LLB)
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its probably best to speak to a lecturer about this. to be honest i would have thought that you would be accepted onto the course, and perhaps onto the bvc. i always was under the impression and im not sure who gave me that impression that cardiff tend to allocate places to people at the uni first and that if you pass with any sort of classification you are likely to get a place, but this i presume must not be the case. hope all goes well for you and really sorry to hear about whats happened in the past year
Studying at Cardiff University
Cardiff University
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no don't believe that about cardiff looking after their own - it's not true sadly lol, best of luck with the degree, cardiff is a fab uni to study at :smile:
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I know someone on the LPC at Cardiff at the moment who only got a 3rd. And she isn't a Cardiff graduate, so it's nothing to do with that!
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I'm on the LPC here with a 2:2! They just want to be sure that you're keen on going into the legal profession and can cope with the workload. The course isn't that academically difficult, there's just a lot of work.

Cardiff used to guarantee a place to their own grads with a 2:1 or higher, that's where the preference thing might come from...