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I applied to RHUL, Loughborough, Leicester, Coventry and Nottingham Trent (the last 2 were just to be safe so I definitely have an insurance) and so far have had offers from Loughborough and RHUL for a Psychology degree (3 year for RH and 4 year for Loughborough). Now I'm not sure which one to go for in terms of my first choice... :/ They both want AAB so no change there but I know RHUL has a better reputation for Psychology (was pretty surprised I got in to be honest!) than Loughborough however I feel like I prefer the course at Loughborough and overall the place just seems more me... I've heard that if you want to go into postgrad and become a Psychologist (I want to go into clinical psychology) that it's very competitive and it's important that you go a well respected uni so it will look good in the future to employers and on other courses, although Loughborough's course has a placement year and I can't help feeling that will be very beneficial. I didn't like the course at Leicester as much so if I get an offer I probably won't put it as firm, obviously depends on the grades they offer Leaning on Loughborough but any help or any other things I haven't thought about would help a lot, thanks!x

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