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self service laundry near selly oak

HI people, I have not a washing machine in my house (private accomodation at selly oak) so am looking for a self service laundry. May you help? Thank you.
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bottom of dawlish road, there's a laundrette.
University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham
...called the Selly Soak - genius isnt it?
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Indeed, but not to be confused with just, The Soak. :P

Don't think you can get drunk on washing powder. I don't think.
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my mates once smoked it, or was it dishwasher tablets..
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Heh, I know someone who ate one of those washing powder tablets...

I wish I'd been there. I would expect she started to foam at the mouth, which would have been rather funny :P
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Does she have no taste buds whatsoever? I've had a tiny bit of washing powder on my hand before and it got into my mouth somehow, I was gagging and dying for hours... :frown:
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Apparently, she liked it. But then, we used to stand outside Shackleton inhaling the laundry smell so I guess we're both just a little bit abnormal. :P Mmm, laundry fresh...