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Howdy all

I am am currently studying a foundation degree at the university of East Anglia with the intention of entering a full honours degree once graduating either at Cambridge or Oxford.

I did an A level equivalent course and achieved such high grades they suggested I move onto the foundation degree. I chose this path as I would like to specialise in ecology in areas effected by natural disasters and thought my knowledge needed improving before applying to Oxbridge, increasing my chances of acceptance and doing well once there. Therefore I would like to start in the second year in a physical geography related course such as natural sciences or earth sciences.

Would I be entitled to student finance if I am accepted into the second year after achieving a foundation degree previously?

Are my chances of being accepted into the second year good?

If I have to start from year one if year two isn't an option (if I get accepted) what would my options be to get full funding for the 3 years?

Could I apply after only doing 1 year of a foundation degree and then get the 3 years? (My personal finance will not cover the £9,000 fee)

Extra info: I have not taken out a student loan before, and paid my course fees on my current course personally, except for disabled students allowance.

In 2009 I became very ill which is why I did not undertake A-levels, during this time I studied ecology and physical geography. I am a receiver of ESA in the support group while I undergo therapy expected to last 3 years or more.

My previous grades have been up and down due to my
Illnesses but since starting therapy they have been constantly high A* + with my tutors saying my work is way above the standard that is expected.

I will contact both universities once I have a back bone of knowledge about my chance and circumstances so any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi there.

The way your funding is calculated is as follows:

We take the ordinary duration of the course you are looking to study, in this case 3 years, and we add on an additional year which all students are entitled to. So this gives you 4 years for your honours course.

We then subtract any years of previous study you have had. This would be the years of the Foundation degree, depending on how long this was. For this example we will say 2.

so 3(ordinary duration) + 1(extra year) = 4(entitlement) - 2(previous study) = 2 years of funding for the honours degree.

We always fund the final years of a course if there is any discrepancies, so for this 3 year course you would have full funding for years 2 and 3 in this particular example.

If you were only to do one year of the foundation, and then enter into the first year of the new course it would be 3 + 1 = 4 - 1 giving a total of 3 years for the honours course which would cover every year.

With regards to how likely you are to be accepted, etc, that is entirely at the discretion of the institution.


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