Should I give him another chance? Please help :( Watch

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Hi Guys, so my bf and I have been going out for almost 2 years before we started going out there were many problems we had to get through. Anyway,he used to hang around with a few people who used to do weed so naturally he did it too...before we stared going out I told him that he needs to choose between a relationship with me or smoking weed because i am totally against smoking weed. he said that he wouldn't do it because he wants to be with me....anyway about a few months ago he told me over Skype that he done weed once a long time ago again with one of his friends which i consider to be a pot head.I let it go and then a few days ago I don't know why but while he wasn't there I looked at his convo with a uni friend...I wasnt really looking for anything in particular but I happened to see his convo where he arranged a time to meet at home with his friend and smoke weed together...I'm assuming that my bf baught it as he was telling the other guy to bring his share of money. anyway I got really mad and upset...he told me that he is sorry and that it was just a one time thing....but i'm not exactly sure how any of these one time things he has had....he said he did it because he wanted to make more friends and get closer to someone which didnt work out...he doesn't really have many friends...I thought my friends were his friends too but it turns out he hates them and refers to them as my friends anyways that day he told me that 'I thought that maybe u could change ur mind and be cool with it thats the reason we dont go out much cuz ur not cool with what anyone does' what he said really hurt me...we didn't get to talk much as had to leave for work....the only thing he kept saying was why did u check my was prob wrong of me but my phone is always there he can lok at whtever he wants a few hours later he text to as to see if im home and Ii said no and he said ok and hasnt text since which was Sat. He prob knows that im very angry but honestly I'm very hurt and I keep crying everyones asking if i'm okay...I just don't know what to do my head says break up and my heart says give him another chance i'm just so lost I dont kow if ill be able to trust him again...but thinking of letting him go is very painful too...

If you read through all that then I really appreciate it....any feedback would be great. Thank you
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I suppose the fact that he once told you up-front that he had smoked weed behind your back suggests that he felt guilty or wrong to smoke the stuff behind your back which is why he told you to clear his conscience. He obviously has feelings for you.

His probably really kicking himself at the same time as being disappointed that you checked his phone. Just tell him exactly how you feel about it and that you won't keep turning a blind eye to it. I guess he knows his upset you and just make it clear to him that you do find it really upsetting and there won't be another chance. Saying that, maybe go with your gut feeling. If you trust what he says will be honest then fair-play.

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